About Us

The Music Industry Forum  enables artists, tour managers, booking agencies, publishers, journalists, fans and others to engage, collaborate, publish and connect people and information about the music business worldwide. The new platform is designed to offer participants easy access to relevant information, people of influence and ongoing group discussions about relevant topics of interest as well as industry job postings from around the globe. The Music Industry Forum member activity generates over 500 new discussions per month and over 800 new members per month. The membership demographics include: MIF User Demographics                       The music industry has radically changed and continues to change as a result of digital disruption. New devices, new business models and new distribution channels have created innovative experiences for users, suppliers and advertisers. Music has truly become a “connected medium” with industry participants working together to not only stay ahead of the innovation curve but to create the next curve. Collaboration, sharing, connecting and learning have accelerated the change rate and that is why platforms like Music Industry Forum now play an important role for all players. Tom Truitt, Founder of Music Industry Forum said “We are happy to help the music industry work together more efficiently and effectively by providing the largest music industry collaboration platform in the world. The platform is free for users and supported by supplier advertising revenues. Given the growth rate of the Music Industry Forum, it is no surprise that we had to create a more robust collaboration platform and that is what the new site is all about.” Technology provider DevDigital built the new platform for the Music Industry Forum. The initial list of sponsors and advertisers include Kalatech, Gibson Guitars, Sony BMG Records, Mary Meeker Agency, Universal Music, EMI, DevDigital and many others.  Mr. Truitt welcomes other suppliers, sites, media and new technology providers to join the efforts of helping the industry adapt to change and learn to innovate together. For more information concerning the Music Industry Platform and related opportunities contact Tom Truitt - tom@musicrowsearch.com.