Hell Let Loose is a first-person shooter set during the second world war, and comes in by indie dev team Black Matter Games. The team recently published a new gameplay trailer showing off the MP40, MG42 and an assault on the map Brecourt Manor.

If you want to play a game built from the ground up for PC that covers relentless WW2 action, Black Matter Games has you covered with Hell Let Loose. The game is currently in an alpha state and will soon gain a playable closed alpha come Q1 2018.

After the Q1 2018 closed alpha comes a closed beta in Q2 2018, which is followed by an early access phase that same quarter.


The good news is that the game has passed its Kickstarter phase and has managed to pull in enough funds to feature the map Carentan and bombing strafe runs. The two named features will likely show up in a later build, but a new video showing the current alpha build follows German soldiers against U.S. forces.

The newly posted video covers weapons shown in various screenshots in action, which consist of the Kar98k, MP40, and the MG42. The video also takes other perspectives around the Brecourt Manor to show off the map at its finest.

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